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Make Your Restaurant More Efficient

a cafe owner standing at the counterManaging people is one of the most challenging tasks of any leader but also one of the most important in a restaurant manager. You know that people are your company’s biggest asset. You need to take care of them and keep them motivated. In a restaurant like OverEasy, you need to make sure that everyone is working together as a team to keep your customers happy.

Prioritise self-development

Peter Economy, a contributor to Inc, emphasises the importance of helping your team gain new knowledge and add to their skills. Knowing their value will only be beneficial to your business because it means that they contribute to the company’s success.

Improve Communication Skills

Encourage your staff to improve their communication skills. They could use this skill to up sell dishes and item from your menu, and even encourage people to order more food. Ask your staff to promote drinks and food they might find interesting. However, your staff should know which products earn most for the restaurant.

The most expensive items are often not the most profitable. They should also know which dishes are best paired together, so when your customers order one dish, your staff could make recommendations.

Make sure that your staff always offers dessert, drinks, and coffee when they see customers nearly finished with their drinks. Good communication skills ensure that your staff and your clients are in agreement.

Encourage group activities

It is also necessary that you encourage your staff to do activities together. It will encourage them to work together and learn more about how to work together.

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There are many ways to manage people, but these tips will surely help create a healthier environment for your restaurant business, and even improve your efficiency and productivity.

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