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Mad Grillz Kill Dental Thrill? What Grills can do to Your Teeth

Dental GrillzGold and decorated jewels on your teeth may look good — but the consequences that come along with it are less pleasant.

Dental grills (otherwise known as ‘grillz’ or ‘fronts’) are decorative covers usually made of gold, silver or encrusted with jewels. Users snap these grillz over their teeth, giving them a popular look worn by today’s celebrities. These shiny mouthpieces seal monumental looks for popular artists such as Rihanna, Flavor Flav, Kanye West, Tyga, Katy Perry and Madonna.

Despite its capability to enhance your appearance, constantly wearing dental grills ruins your teeth and may lead to infections.

What Grills can do to Your Teeth

Although dental grills may initially feel comfortable, ill-fitting ones can wear off your teeth’s enamel. The enamel serves as your tooth’s protection against harmful elements; without it, you will suffer from painful toothaches and headaches. If used for a longer period, your grills will move your teeth into an unhealthy position, which leads to crowding and bite problems.

Another danger from these dental decorations is the threat of chipping or breaking of teeth. With normal dental crowns, the dentist files the crown so it is the same size as your teeth. In the case of grills, the metal does not perfectly fit your teeth so it is constantly bumping and scraping the surface. If you are not careful, you may lose your teeth and need dental implants in North Ireland.

Dental grills also encourage infection, especially if you wear them while you eat or drink. These can promote plaque build-up due to food particles stuck between the grills and your teeth.

The Importance of Proper Oral Care

If you wear dental grills, proper oral hygiene is important to prevent complications that come with this dental decoration. Always follow a daily routine of brushing your teeth twice a day, followed by flossing to reduce bacteria build-up.

Also, remember to remove your grills before you eat or drink and rinse them first after every meal. Avoid using jewellery cleaners to make your grills shine — these might poison you if you are not careful.

Dental grills might be trendy and can improve your appearance. However, a brighter set of pearly whites will definitely never go out of style.

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