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Love at First Bite: Italian Cuisine as a Timeless Treasure

SpaghettiWhen someone says ‘Italian cuisine’, people remember the basic words that go with those words, namely pizza, pasta and wine. Dishes with bell peppers and tomatoes automatically remind people of bella Italia.

Italian cuisine possesses a unique identity among food lovers. Italy’s selection of mouth-watering dishes evolved from a combination of other cuisines from Greece and Rome. Over the years, the cuisine adopted various cooking styles and ingredients, which resulted in a taste that sets Italian cooking apart.

The Philosophy of Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine creates delectable dishes from two ideologies: passion and simplicity.

In terms of ingredients, most of Italy’s popular dishes use only four to eight ingredients. Chefs place more emphasis on using quality ingredients rather than quantity or extravagant cooking techniques. Besides a wide selection of pasta, Italian cuisine takes pride in two staple ingredients — cheese and wine.

With its simple ingredients, the cuisine captures the taste of food lovers through passion expressed in food. After all, Italians are known for their excitement over eating and cooking.

One-of-a-Kind Food Culture

Whether you spend your time relaxing at nearby Nundah coffee shops or eating dinner at Italian restaurants, you can feel the strong family culture surrounding the cuisine. In Italy, meals serve as a bonding time for families, so one meal may last for hours. Meals begin with appetisers, followed by antipasto or before-meal dishes. The first main course follows and consists of risotto, soup, gnocchi or pasta.

After the first course, the second course (known as ‘secondo’) arrives and offers diners fish and meat. The next round offers a variety of side dishes (Contorno), which includes salad and cooked vegetables.

Dessert concludes the whole affair. Fromaggio e fruta, consisting of fruits and cheese, and sweets such as cakes and cookies populate the table. Finally, diners cap the night with a fresh cup of coffee or liquers.

Italian dishes are known for the high-quality combination of flavours. Made with fresh herbs and spices, as well as other ingredients, these meals deliver exotic tastes one cannot resist. The diversity makes it even more special and unique on its own.

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