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Late Bloomer or Language Problem? Here’s How You Know

Little Boy Learning to TalkIs your child already two years old, but has yet to speak or doesn’t say as much as they should at their age? Some parents shrug this off and think their son or daughter can catch up eventually. However, delaying diagnosis and possible treatment may lead to bigger problems once the child reaches school age.

Experts on online speech therapy for kids list the following indicators of possible or current language and speech problems:

Child Under 12 Months Old

Some parents miss cues on potential language problems, and that’s the start of the problem. It’s important for children to start using their voices within 12 months from birth. They don’t have to be saying full words and phrases, but at least they should be saying something.

Your baby must be able to string sounds and integrate tones to say “dada” or “mama” as a start. Other than using sounds and tones and recognizing them, they must also start to associate names of objects they use. If your child doesn’t respond to sound, they may have hearing loss. What’s worse is this might also cause speech problems.

Child Using Gestures

A study noted that late-talking kids might indicate later, improved speech abilities if they use a lot of gestures. This is good news for parents whose child has yet to speak or use sounds, even if they already should. Experts say that children who use gestures will catch up eventually with children who are already speaking at the supposed age.

Language Milestones

Certain language milestones enable you to determine if your child may develop a language and speech problem in the future. Here are some to look into:

  1. 18-month-old children must be able to use at least 20 words that include various types such as nouns, prepositions, verbs, social words, and a handful of adjectives.
  2. Once a child reaches two years old, they must at least know and use a hundred words and combine two words when speaking.
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If your child doesn’t speak or even make sounds at a certain age, it may be a red flag indicating speech problems. The above-mentioned milestones, gestures, and signs may help you identify it before it worsens.

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