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It’s All About the Eyes: Taking Care of Your Vision

eye being treatedThe eyes are the senses which people depend on to navigate their world. However, their significance is often ignored, and people do not give the proper care and attention to their eyesight until it is too late. Here are the things you should consider keeping your eye healthy, as recommended by Maple Grove Eye Doctors, one of the many leading eye clinics in Maple Grove, Minnesota.


You might think that eating carrots and other food rich in Vitamin A are enough to maintain your eyesight, but you should also stick to a healthy diet so you will not become overweight. The eyes may not be directly affected by your weight, but obesity can lead to diseases such as Diabetes and Thyroid Eye Disease, which all affect your vision.


Exposure to bright light and ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect your eyes. Direct exposure can burn your retina and cause blindness. Constant exposure could increase the risk of developing cataracts. Many doctors recommend the use of sunglasses during the day. If you feel any eye discomfort when you are exposed to sunlight, this could be a sign of sun damage.

Eye Rest

If you work in front of a computer, you could experience blurriness, double vision, and eye strain when you do not rest your eyes properly. Your screen should be at least 20 inches away from your eyes and 20 to 15 degrees below your line of vision. Be sure to rest your eyes every 20 minutes so you won’t suffer from eye strain

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As you age, your vision could also show signs of weakness. Doctors recommend that you should get your eyes checked every two years after the age of 40. Doing so would aid in the early detection of macular degenerative eye disease and cataracts.

Your vision is an integral part of your health and how you interact with the world. Make sure that you do not ignore these factors and get an eye check regularly to keep track of your eyesight.

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