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Is Dental Treatment Overseas Worth it?

Dental Treatment in ProgressWith living costs constantly on the increase, it is hardly shocking that more and more Britons and Irish people are frustrated with higher prices for food, rentals, and utility bills, but also for dental care. In order to escape sky-rocketing dental prices, some people are choosing to go for dental tourism for cheaper dental treatment.

Dental treatment overseas is increasing in popularity and dental practices in Hungary, such as Access Smile, offer the same, high-quality treatments as UK dental practices at a fraction of the cost. Patients who choose dental tourism should be well-prepared. They need to know about the advantages and the risks of undergoing dental treatment in a different country in advance.

Preparation is key

Dental treatment overseas can be risky if someone is not sufficiently prepared. Truth is that many dentists offer inexpensive dental treatments in Hungary, but low prices do not always guarantee quality. Patients interested in simple or complex dental treatments should look for a dentist who has the experience and expertise to provide excellent dental care. This can be achieved through extensive research and the careful examination of recommendations associated with a certain dentist or dental practice. Some questions to ask before undergoing dental treatment overseas include:

  • How many years’ experience do the dentists offering the treatment have?
  • Is the dentist registered with a national board that regulates their profession?
  • What standards does the regulatory board seek adherence to?
  • How many successful treatments has the dentist carried out?
  • How does the practice stop cross-infection?
  • Is the treatment package all-inclusive?
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Some considerations

Even with the best of dentists, things can go wrong sometimes. Crowns come loose, fillings fall out and dental implants are not properly attached to the jawbone. If a problem occurs after a patient returns home, there are two options: either get the problem fixed in the UK or travel again. Some dental treatments will make repairs free of charge in their dental practices in the UK (whenever this is possible) or in Hungary. In either case, patients should be aware of these arrangements in advance in order to plan their dental budget accordingly.

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