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How to Help Your Loved One Cope with an Eating Disorder

Woman disappointed with her weightAnyone can acquire an eating disorder no matter what their age, gender, race, or body type may be. So if you’re about your loved one, then it’s vital to encourage them to seek eating disorder treatment in Westport to ensure a higher chance of recovery.

But other than that, there are also other things that you can do to support your loved one with an eating disorder. Here are a few ideas about what you can do to support them.

Talk to them

When you’re trying to talk to a person that has an eating disorder, it’s essential to bear in mind that the disorder is a way for them to defend themselves psychologically. It’s a coping mechanism for them against experience or emotion that deeply bothers them.

It’s highly advisable to offer your continued friendship and support with them. You should also choose the best time when you’re conversation won’t get disrupted as well.

Also, never judge or criticized your friend about what they feel. Instead, be sincere and direct with them when speaking about your concerns.

Focus on other things

Most people who suffer from an eating disorder are often preoccupied about food and weight issues. It’s essential for you to help them take their mind off these subjects gradually. Talk to them about things that they’re fond of doing, such as their hobbies and interests.

Be patient during meals

There will be times when mealtimes can be a problem. So, it’s essential to be patient with them and let them know how much you support them. You shouldn’t express any frustrations or negative emotions during meal times as this can be very difficult for them.

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Understanding how it feels to be in their situation is the best way to help them out. It’s essential to ask advice from healthcare professionals who know a lot about eating disorders to get the best advice that you need.

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