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How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones | 3 Tips on How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones

senior citizens smilingDo your senior parents or grandparents live with you? Do you have kids living with you? Do you have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job? If all your answers are a yes, hats off to you!

Living with and caring for your senior loved ones can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have your own family and job to attend to. Legacy Village of Provo believes that respecting their individuality and recognizing their worth is important if you want to give them the best care possible. You can inspire and motivate them by trying these simple tips.

Empower them to be independent.

Yes, they may need a hand when they cross the street or when they need to take a bath, but you can encourage independence in other ways. Let them choose an activity to do, or what restaurant to eat in for lunch. Take them shopping and ask them what kind of clothes or shoes they’d like to buy.

Empower them to teach.

When they are around your kids or teens, let them share their life experiences, their love stories, their most embarrassing moments. This will give them a sense of authority to teach the young ones simple life lessons.

Empower them to move.

Even if they’re in a wheelchair or use a cane or walker, encourage them to do simple breathing and stretching exercises, or walk out in the garden, or stroll out to the local park. Being out in the open and seeing other things besides their bedroom walls will definitely bring a smile, and even some sunshine, to their faces.

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Seniors are delicate, yet experienced people who need the same appreciation and care as any other individual. Empowering them to be independent and fun-loving will help them feel like they were back in their teens.

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