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How Enamel Erosion Leads to Overly Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive TeethThe enamel that covers and protects your teeth is the strongest surface of the body. This durability is necessary, as your teeth go through much wear every day as you use them. However, there are times when the outer layer is damaged or erodes. When this happens, the symptoms are quite noticeable.

If you have recently started experiencing pain whenever you bite into something cold or hot, there is a chance that your enamel has weakened. One of its functions is to protect your teeth from temperature extremes, so when your teeth become significantly more sensitive, it is a sign that the enamel is no longer doing its job adequately.

The Common Causes of Erosion

Many factors contribute to enamel erosion, and the majority of dentists in Surrey agrees that your diet is the most significant one. Eating too many sweets is always bad for you, as this promotes harmful bacteria that gradually break down the outer layer of your teeth. Acidic food and drinks, such as citrus fruits, have a similar effect.

Erosion can be physical in nature as well. If you have a tendency to chew on your pen, frequently open bottle caps with your teeth, or have a severe case of bruxism, it can significantly accelerate the wearing of your teeth. This is why it is crucial to correct these habits, with the help of your dentist if necessary.

Could There be a Different Culprit?

There are multiple causes of tooth sensitivity, so this alone is not a sure indicator that there is a problem with your enamel. It might also be the side-effect of receding gums, or another condition. To determine whether the erosion is at fault, look for these symptoms:

  • Tooth discolouration, as the dentine becomes more visible
  • Cracks, chips, and jagged edges on teeth
  • Visible indentations on the surface of your teeth
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Prevention is crucial, but if you already suffer from significant enamel loss, then it is important to consult your dentist immediately. There are various restoration methods available, ranging from bonding to the installation of dental crowns. The optimal solution depends on the severity of your case.

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