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A History of Landscape Gardening

Landscaped Formal Garden ParkYou can trace the origin of the garden back to prehistoric times. Archaeologists have found evidence of zoning of different areas close to rivers or settlements as early as 15,000BCE. However, the kind of shaping that we think of in a traditional English landscape garden started to develop in the 18th century in response to social changes.

Some of the techniques and patterns used in garden design are still used by modern practitioners today. If you have landscape gardening in Richmond with a professional company, such as Town and Country Gardens, they may well utilise techniques that have been around for hundreds of years.

Picturesque gardening

Landscape gardening in Richmond can take many forms but still retain some of the intention of more traditional picturesque gardening. The main purpose was to create an aesthetic quality and stimulate an emotional response similar to the aim of other art forms. However, some legendary landscape gardeners such as Capability Brown were also charged with making gardens practical. The gardens of some of the UK’s finest houses were designed to be stunning but also serve the house and its supporting population in more practical ways as well, such as through food production, grazing and entertainment.


Trends exist in the garden design world as much as they do anywhere else. Landscape gardening in Richmond is shaped around the needs of the owner but can still follow one of the strong trends. Romantic gardens have become popular again as have more abstract forms. Many designers and people like the feel of a managed but wild garden that creates a feeling of being in tune with nature.

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Worldwide and historical gardening

Of course, landscape gardening is not confined to the UK. It is a worldwide phenomenon with exciting and interesting gardens flourishing all over the world through detailed and talented garden design.

The Orto Botanico di Padova in North East Italy is thought to be one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world that still exists. It is has been kept in its current location since 1545.  Many other famous gardens pre-date this but have long since disappeared. The oldest recorded landscape design text was written in 27BCE.

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