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Here are Three Things That Happen When You Switch to Organic Food

a woman eating a saladMany farmers are now avoiding pesticide and fertilizers when cultivating organic produce because of their potential health risks. Organic farms are now limiting confining their animals to enclosures all the time. Animals in these farms are free to roam a field to relieve their stress which affects their growth. They are also raised without synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.

Because of the potential risks of conventional cultivation to the immune and nervous system, High Quality Organics agrees that organically raised food ingredients improve one’s mental and emotional health. Here are three things that could change when you switch to organic produce.

You Become Healthier and Stronger

Organic food has more nutritional value compared with their non-organic counterparts. Without fertilizers and pesticides, plants produce more phytochemicals that help strengthen their resistance against bugs and weeds. A 2016 study also found that organic meat and milk contain higher levels of nutrients, which include omega-3 fatty acids.

You Reduce Risk of Developing Diseases

Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have been associated with cancer, infertility, immune disorders, and a range of other diseases. Consuming organic food significantly reduces the risks of these harmful chemicals. Many of the antibiotics given to farm animals are also the same antibiotics that humans use. And overuse of these drugs leads to bacterial resistance, which makes antibiotics less effective in fighting infection in the body.

You Help Protect the Environment

Organic farming release minimal pollution because it does not use harmful chemicals. Lead, mercury, coal tar, formaldehyde and parabens are often present in pesticides to preserve harvests.

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This helps protect the environment and ensure a healthier planet for the future generation. Since chemicals can affect the reproduction system of living organisms, organic farming also reduces the chance of insects, birds and other animals consuming chemicals that may harm them, or worse, wipe out their population.

Organic food is a healthier alternative for your family and the environment. Plants and animal products grown and raised organically could give you and your family a healthier body.

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