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Healthier Smiles with More Visual Appeal

Many adults want a way to achieve a better-looking smile without attracting too much attention to their treatment while it’s ongoing. A contemporary tooth realignment appliance made from transparent plastic and available in Luton, Invisalign offers a discreet and efficient method of moving the teeth into healthier, more appealing positions. At Luton dental practices, such as Vogue Dental Care, Invisalign provides great results for a range of realignment needs.

Personalised efficiency

The patient’s tooth realignment journey begins with a consultation with their dentist in Luton. Invisalign can be used for a variety of realignment needs, but is not suitable for all of them. The dentist will assess the patient’s oral health, and establish that Invisalign is an appropriate treatment to achieve what the patient requires.

Detailed images of the patient’s mouth are then used to create a set of clear plastic aligners that comfortably fit the shape of their teeth. The patient will wear each one of these aligners over their teeth for around two weeks, before they move on to the next one. Each aligner’s shape is slightly different, so over time, the teeth are gently pressured to move into new positions.

The clear and lightweight aligners can be taken out of the mouth when the patient needs to eat, or to brush their teeth.

Gradual work

The total time the patient will spend using Invisalign in Luton will depend on the complexity of their realignment needs. The duration of a typical treatment can be 12 months or longer. Precise planning means that the process is carried out with maximum efficiency. After the aligners come off, the patient will need to spend a while wearing a retainer at night, so the teeth become secure in their new positions.

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Overall outlook

A mouth with straighter teeth will function more effectively. It’s easier to keep clean, so the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is reduced. As well as this, a more appealing smile can help the patient to feel better about their overall appearance. Advantages like these will last for many years after treatment is over, giving the patient a better chance to maintain good oral health.

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