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Got a Shoestring Budget, Will Travel: Plan Your Budget-friendly Stay in Perth

PerthPerth is a wonderful city that boasts of natural and man-made attractions sure to take your breath away. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, or alone, you will enjoy your stay. While it can be costly to travel around Perth, there are ways for you to have the time of your life even on a shoestring budget. Here are a few useful tips for travellers.

Booking a Flight

Airfare prices constantly change, but if you book in advance, you may come across good deals or seasonal offers. Use the money you’ll save to see more of Perth.

Reserving a Room

Couch surfing, a backpackers inn, short term accommodations in Perth — these look appealing to thrifty travellers. Ditch the four- and five-star hotels for now. There are many low-cost lodging options just outside the CBD.

Look for budget accommodations online and book in advance to get the best deal possible. Cottesloe Beach House Stays suggests finding self-contained beach houses if you’re headed to the seaside suburb.

Eating Out

Going to Perth is never complete without trying its food offerings. Though there are expensive restaurants, there are also affordable menus and casual restaurants for budget travellers. Food trucks are great for authentic American-style food. Asian cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian dishes are also everywhere.

Roaming Around

Perth offers an array of destinations for all types of tourists. Some of the most popular ones are Kings Park, Perth Zoo, Swan Valley and Cottesloe Beach. For budget travellers, visit places with free admission such as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Western Australian Museum.

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Visiting Perth can be a bit pricey, but the experience is worth it. With the right planning, travel around Perth while still having enough money for souvenirs.

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