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Get That Passport Photo Right

Passport Photo SampleYou’re at the immigration section of the airport. You made sure to freshen up a bit as soon as you landed from your 7-hour plane ride. The immigration officer checks your passport and does a double take when he sees your passport photo.

We have all been in this situation. Your passport photo doesn’t have to be a source of embarrassment. JayLynn Photography Studio says that there are some ways you can look good on your passport photo so you can travel the world in style. Consider these tips when you visit a passport photography service in Utah.

1. Forget the ponytail, messy or not.

Even if your hair looks fabulous in a messy ponytail, it doesn’t give you justice in your passport photo. You need to look organized, well-put, and confident. For women, it’s always best to wear the hair down. Better still, get a blowout on that day. If your hair looks great, you’ll feel more confident and it will show in your new passport photo.

2. Go for neutral makeup.

The day when you have a photo taken is not the time to experiment with the new makeup palette you just bought. Don’t go for the no-makeup look either. You need to add some color at the very least. Go for neutral makeup and settle for a matte foundation. Use some oil absorbent powder unless you want to look sweaty and guilty on your passport photo. The best makeup to go for is neutral shadows, rosy lipstick and a soft blush that is close to your natural skin color.

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3. Correct the spots and dark circles.

You can’t wear tinted glasses on your passport photo, so you need to address those dark circles.  You can use the right concealer to hide dark spots. If you have dark spots from acne scars, you can correct them too with the right makeup products.

See the World in Style

Traveling the world in style and with confidence starts with your passport photo. Don’t forget these simple tips the next time you need to renew your passport.

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