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Four Words to Help You Say Goodbye to a Dying loved one

A group of elderly peopleFacing a loved ones’ nearness to death may make you feel helplessness. There comes a time we must say good-bye. What can you tell a loved one who is ina hospice home in Indiana who only has few days to live? Words are the most significant parting gifts you can give your loved one.

I Love you

It’s never too late to tell your loved one how much you love them. Tell them of how much you love them and if they’re unable to respond, say that you believe they love you too. Also, tell them about how much you’re going to miss them and as you do this, hold their hand gently and look into their eyes.

A dying person may appear unresponsive due to illness, but he or she is often able to hear. You could also try whispering these words to their ears.

Thank You

Human beings at the point of death want to know they were meaningful in life. The feelings of significance contribute to the loved one's sense of dignity at the end of life. Tell your loved one of the positive ways they have impacted in your life. A simple thank you will tell your loved one that their life mattered.

I forgive you

It’s common for people to ask for forgiveness from their dying loved ones, but too often, people forget that the dying person may want forgiveness too. If the person can’t talk, tell them you forgive them. Doing so will give the dying person a sense of peace as they say goodbye.

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Touch does talks

Sometimes you have said everything you’d want to and the only thing left is to connect through touch. Touching your loved one’s hand or shoulders remind them that you’re still there.

When saying goodbye to your loved one, be as sensitive as possible to their needs. Find out what they would want in their last days, would they want you to sing to them their favorite hymn? Or would they want you to read some scriptures? Whatever you do, don’t put off saying goodbye.

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