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Flying Medics Save Lives

Medics applying first aid to an injured workerAfter serious illness or accident, getting the patient to the hospital during the ‘golden hour’ is crucial to survival. Air ambulances have helped to boost survival rates, especially when they are equipped with on board doctors.

Doctors know that in the event of a serious injury or illness, giving treatment promptly and ensuring that the patient is transported to the hospital within the hour will dramatically improve their chance of survival and reduce the chance of life changing disabilities. Air ambulances improve outcomes for patients because they can get seriously ill patients to the hospital much faster than a traditional ground ambulance. For people living in rural parts of Australia, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Medics in the Sky

In addition to the speed, another reason why air ambulances save lives is that they have nurses on board and some have fully qualified doctors and surgeons, turning the ambulance into a hospital in the sky. Taking the medic to the patient, rather than waiting for the patient to go to the medic, is the new way to practise medicine.

On board doctors can carry out surgical procedures such as chest incisions on a roadside after a car accident, stop catastrophic bleeding or even place the patient in a medically induced coma to prevent brain damage – with air ambulances, this intensive care can continue all the way to the hospital.

Air Ambulance Service Helps Patients Who Can’t Travel

The air ambulance service isn’t just there for people involved in accidents, though. They can come to the aid of individuals who are chronically sick and unable to transport themselves to the hospital or to patients who require nursing care during their journey. Private patient transport services like Skymed Aeromedical ensure one to one care from a medical professional who will stay with the patient and provide reassurance until they are handed over to a hospital team.

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For more information about booking patient transport services for a gravely ill loved one, or how to support the air ambulance service, see the website or call for more details. You can make a difference.

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