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Find Out How Insertion of Stent can Relieve Venous Outflow Obstruction

Venous Outflow ObstructionBlood is constantly flowing around your body. Through this process, your entire body is nourished; starting from your brain and extending down to the muscles which let you wiggle your toes. There is a non-stop system of oxygen delivery as well as return to once again fortify the blood with necessary nutrients which will perfuse your tissues to promote optimal functioning.

There are certain health conditions, though, that can occur if you possess certain predisposing factors. When it comes to the veins, a common issue would be the formation of clots, particularly in the femoral vein. This would be the one that runs along your thigh.

Know the Risk Factors for Thromboembolism

There are different factors which come into play in the occurrence of thrombosis. One would be an intake of oral contraceptive pills as this elevates the activity of clotting factors. A sedentary lifestyle with minimal to no leg movement can also initiate the development of clots due to stasis of blood.

The important thing at this point would be to dissolve the clump of blood. Doing so will prevent it from becoming dislodged at some point towards your lungs or to other vulnerable parts. If the former is hit, pulmonary embolism may occur which can easily cause death.

When medications to take away the clot have been provided, another concern you should look into would be the condition of your veins. If there is some degree of narrowing, according to, treat venous outflow obstruction.

Inserting a Stent is an Effective Solution

Thanks to the advent of technology, stenting has become available to those who need treatment. This involves inserting a secure material within your veins to widen the site of obstruction. With the pressure being applied by the stent, the narrowing would be prevented from happening again.

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This approach is very effective as it decreases the likelihood of developing severe complications as well as the persistence of bothersome symptoms as in post-thrombotic syndrome. So when you seek help from your physician, be sure that you would be able to receive the complete process of care.

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