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Fighting Heroin Addiction With Ibogaine

Treatment for Heroin AddictionIbogaine is an active alkaloid extracted from an African Shrub named Tabernanthe iboga. It has psychoactive properties which can help break heroin dependence in addicts. Some also use it to treat addictions to alcohol, smoking, and other opiates.

For many, using Ibogaine for drug or heroin addiction has become the alternative treatment. Though many people are still skeptical about its effects, in many clinical trials, Ibogaine proved that it had a significant effect in lessening the desire for addictive substances.

How Does It Work?

A study of the molecular changes of Ibogaine in animal models revealed that it binds with specific receptor molecules on the surface of the brain cells. It blocks dopamine release and locomotor hyperactivity. Since opiate addiction allows the release of dopamine, when Ibogaine blocks its release it reduces the development of addictive behavior. This makes it highly effective in breaking drug dependence.

Scientists also studied extensively the therapeutic role of Ibogaine for heroin addiction treatment. According to the testimonials of drug users who took Ibogaine as patients or under the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), it induces a state of euphoria. This is followed by relief from the feeling of discomfort and craving for heroin or morphine.

Instant and Effective Cure for Drug Addiction

Most rehabilitation therapies for reversing addictive behavior are time-consuming and do not guarantee results. On the other hand, most of the clinical reports and trials of Ibogaine show that a single dose helps in breaking dependence and craving for the long haul. It also eradicates most of the painful withdrawal symptoms, which is the reason most users cannot break the cycle of addiction.

All-in-One Treatment for Drug Use

The effectiveness of Ibogaine as a treatment for heroin addiction has been known for some time. However, with the increasing number of clinical tests and trials, it is now becoming the alternative choice in reducing substance addiction and dependence.

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