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Facts You Need to Know Before Having Dental Implants

Woman looking at her teethLong before dental implants, people had no choice but to wear dentures. Luckily, people now have the option to choose dental implant services, which is an even better option than a fixed bridge.

But what are the things you have to know before getting them?

Better compared to removal dentures

According to studies, dental implants have a 95% success rate compared to other conventional tooth replacement procedures. Although the success rate would still vary on the person’s dental health, it’s safe to say that most people who went through the process didn’t experience any discomfort.

It looks real

Unlike dentures, implants tend to look like real teeth and even feel like it. The teeth are molded to fit exactly like the tooth that as missing. In fact, correctly taking care of your implants can make it look so natural that it’s almost indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

It helps protect your teeth

Having dental implants tend to defend your remaining teeth from further damage by keeping the damaged teeth covered with enamel. It provides a foundation for your jawbone by giving it additional support and affixing it so that it’ll stay in place.

It makes eating much easier

Since implants are tightly rooted to your gums, it won’t move or shake as you chew food. It also allows you to eat without any pain or discomfort.

It builds confidence

It may seem simple, but having a great set of teeth can give any person the confidence that he or she needs. So, having a natural looking teeth can make you feel more confident when you laugh or even smile.

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Dental implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures. Not only does it act as a protection to your teeth, but it also provides support to your jawbone as well. You may way want to ask your orthodontist or dentist to know more about implants and its benefits to help you decide.

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