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Factors to Avoid When Going to a Korean Bath Scrub

a woman taking a showerThe scrub corner in a Korean Bathhouse is the section that most people find to be overly intriguing. With each scrub lasting about 40 minutes, you will hardly have the sense of time while at it.

A real Korean scrub depicts a different kind of naked exposure. While there, a Korean woman scarcely dressed, uses a mild course towel, to scrub every corner of your body. For most people, the Korean body scrub bears some of their most sweet and sour experience, which is satisfying. However, some people end up not getting the satisfaction and benefits that come with the scrub, due to the following mistakes.

Using the Shower Gel

A majority of people will bring their favorite shower gel in the bathhouse. But it turns out that what you need is a bar soap and no form of liquid soap. Using shampoos makes the body slippery hence difficult to scrub, and also makes the dead skin roll instead of coming out the way it should. As such, always use the soap provided during the pre-scrub shower soak.

Soaking for Less Than 30 Minutes

With the promised fun, relaxations and enjoyment, most impatient customers get out of the soaking section, before ten minutes are over. While you can soak for hours, the recommended optimal time is 30 minutes. Soaking in a little hot water wrinkles the skin faster, getting you ready for the scrub. However, if you cannot handle hot water, then get to a temperature that your body can take.

Not Removing Everything

While most people know this, they only remove clothes what they think are appropriate to remove. For a full experience, however, you should be totally bare. That means, remove your rings, eyeglasses, earrings, nose rings and any other accessory you might have. If your hair is long, bring your own hair tie.

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Regardless of how good the Korean scrub is, limit it to not more than once a week. More often scrubs expose you to the danger of over foliation and skin irritations. On the other hand, controlled weekly treatments increase blood circulation, skin vibrancy, and muscle relaxation.

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