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Entrusting Your Invisalign Treatment to Capable Hands

Invisalign Braces Getting Invisalign braces as an adult may be a challenge. There are a lot of adjustments to make after the treatment, and follow-up visits may be difficult to fit into your busy schedule. But, before you start thinking about the aftercare, you have to find a provider you can trust to perform the treatment.

It’s easy to just give your old orthodontist or dentist a call, and proceed with fitting your new mouthpieces as soon as you get the tests done and estimate how much you will have to pay for your braces. While that’s probably the first option you have in mind, you’ll want to entrust your treatment to capable hands. Here are a few things to consider when finding an Invisalign provider.

Preferred, Premier, and Premier Elite

The Align company developed the Invisalign braces as you know it: virtually invisible, comfortable, and easy to clean and use. The group recognizes a handful of providers as Preferred, Premier, and Premier Elite, indicating that the company acknowledges their practice.

Upon seeing these titles, it’s easy to think that one is much better than the other. That’s not necessarily true. The titles simply indicate the number of cases that these providers treat using Invisalign.

Vaksman Dental Group, for instance, is a Preferred Invisalign provider. They treat around 10 cases per year. Premier providers treat around 50 cases at that given time frame, while Premier Elite providers treat around 300 every year.

The number of cases these practices handle may reflect their experience in the field of dentistry, but that doesn’t mean you should stop researching and just choose a provider labeled as any of the three. Each case is different, and to find your match, you need more than just recognition, although you can narrow down your search from here.

Honest and Thorough Assessment

Invisalign may be a relatively new treatment option, but it’s a popular one. Recent studies predict that by 2024, the orthodontic consumables market will reach $5.4 billion. But, just because you think it is the right option for you doesn’t mean you should rush into it. When finding a provider, look out for the ones who talk you into paying for the treatment and proceeding with it as soon as you mention Invisalign.

A provider that gives you an honest opinion about your needs and how Invisalign can address them or not is ideal, as they tell you what to expect. If they bring other alternatives up, take the opportunity to learn more about them and re-assess your choice.

Warm Demeanor

A warm and friendly, yet professional, demeanor is a plus in any dental or orthodontic care provider. This is how they establish a trusting relationship with their customers. As an adult getting Invisalign, the last thing you need is a practitioner who will harshly scold you for not doing it earlier, or not taking better care of your teeth.

To get the most out of your treatment, your provider should help you take better care of your new teeth, regardless of how old you may be.

Getting Invisalign braces starts with finding the right provider. Entrust your treatment to experienced and capable hands.

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