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Effectiveness of Botox as Skin Treatment Validated by New Study

Botox Skin TreatmentThe results of a study published in the prestigious journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery have encouraged many practitioners in the field of plastic surgery and dentistry.

Experts, such as those at Botox Training Club, say that the study validated the claim that Botox is truly an effective skin treatment for men and women suffering from wrinkles and other skin issues related to elasticity (ability of the skin to recoil) and pliability (how the skin stretches).

Clinical Trial Involving 48 Women

Researchers from the University of Ottawa and University of Toronto carried out a clinical trial with the objective of determining the effectiveness of Botox in addressing skin issues of pliability and elasticity. Botox has long been used by over six million women around the world, and based on some feedback, results of this treatment have been very positive with no reports of serious side effects.

For this particular study, 48 women with an average age of 55 years were tested.  The researchers gave them Botox injections to reduce the presence of mild wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. The researchers observed them after two weeks, and then two months, three months, and four months from the date of Botox application.

Significant Improvements in Skin Elasticity and Pliability

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers observed that the pliability and elasticity of the skin significantly increased after receiving Botox injections.

They also found out that the same treatment reversed the ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage to skin elasticity. These positive results, according to the researchers, have lasted for a period of four months.

Beautiful Skin sans Surgery

These findings are certainly good news to women who desire to have that young-looking skin without resorting to invasive and risky procedures, such as cosmetic or plastic surgery. It may also be reassuring to know that Botox as a treatment for skin issues has received passing marks from the Food and Drug Administration, as well as other prestigious institutions around the world.

For those offering Botox treatments, this translates to more loyal clients, and ultimately an improved bottom-line.

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