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Different States Use Exercise to Combat Obesity Among Students

Unhealthy foodPeople eating healthy foodSeveral schools in the different states have changed their attitude on solving obesity among students, following laws imposed in 2016 that mandated them to focus more on exercise and physical education (PE).

For instance, some schools in Wisconsin want to use exercise as a way to stimulate children’s brains. A Society for Health and Physical Educators report showed that the changes formed part of at least 14 states that required schools to improve PE classes.

Stimulating Activity

In Florida and Rhode Island, schools have to provide at least 20 minutes of recess period for elementary students. While exercise is essential, schools should complement it with other ways to combat or raise awareness on obesity among students. In some cases, obesity could be a manifestation of binge eating disorder symptoms that affect late-childhood or early-adolescence students.

For this reason, schools should look into the addition of health and wellness programs that recommend the best course of treatment for either binge eating or obesity. This could be a factor for states to have the best or worst education system in the country.

Quality of Education

Massachusetts has the best education system in the U.S. based on “chances of success, school finance and achievements,” according to an analysis of Education Week’s Quality Counts 2018 report. The report showed that almost 43% of adults in the state have a bachelor’s degree.

New Jersey ranked next partly because it has the second highest high school graduation rate at 90.1%. In Vermont, the state spends the most on public schools at $20,795 per pupil. While higher spending does not always guarantee quality, it has been to convert the spending to an 87.7% high school graduation rate.

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Schools should have a holistic approach to targeting obesity and cognitive development among students. What is your school’s plan for keeping students physically and mentally active?


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