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Dental Insurance Plan: 3 Facts That Can Affect Your Policy Purchase

Dental Insurance FormAre you thinking of getting a dental insurance plan? Before you start paying your premiums, you need to make sure it is worth every penny. To help you decide, here are three facts that matter:

1. 100: 80: 50 Ratios

Although it is not a clear-cut policy, many insurance experts believe that a dental plan covers 100% of preventive and routine check-ups (including diagnostics), while 80% goes for root canals and other basic teeth treatments. The 50%, on the other hand, are more complicated and costly procedures, such as bridges, crowns, and dental implants.

If you are wondering why an insurance company is willing to pay all the costs of diagnostics and routine care, it is because prevention is always better than cure. In other words, it is the most affordable among all dental services, but has the biggest impact on your dental health and future use of dental insurance.

2. Cosmetic Treatments

If you want to have pearly whites, then make sure you save enough money since dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. Nevertheless, when you get the most out of your ‘free’ dental check-ups and preventive care, you will learn how to avoid the most common causes of teeth staining.

3. Braces and Orthodontics

There is good news and bad news when it comes to orthodontics: A plan can cover orthodontic procedures like braces for children below 18 years old. Older ones, however, are not. If you or your child needs it, you can buy an orthodontic rider for a small cost. Choose your plan as well since some may cover Invisalign. You can, therefore, charge the Invisalign cost per month to it. You can likewise deduct the cost of your procedure to your tax if the dentist says the procedure is medically necessary.

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Dental insurance plans are not mandatory, but that does not mean you should not get them. Evaluate your needs to get the plan that is worthy of your money.

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