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Dental Implants: Better Replacements for Missing Teeth

Dental CareSome people may not consider losing a tooth a problem. This belief may be common especially when the lost teeth are molars or those that other people cannot see. This thinking, however, may expose you to several problems in the future.

A gap between teeth weakens the jaw and causes the rest of the adjacent teeth to follow suit. You need a dental appliance to stop this from happening.

The Fear of Dental Implants

It is normal to be afraid of dental implants in Milton Keynes upon learning about what they are. After all, most people do not like the idea of getting surgery. This may cause people to downplay the negative effects of having at least one missing tooth. Implants involve surgically attaching a metal piece into your gums to act as foundation for an artificial crown. It may seem unsettling for some but like most surgeries, you do not have to be awake during the procedure.

The Great Thing About Dental Implants

Unlike other solutions, dental implants aim to act as replacement teeth. Technically, they are not appliances you have to wear. An implant is a tooth planted into your gum just like your natural teeth. This avoids slippage or displacement when it comes to wearing other appliances such as dentures. You do not have to take it off at night before you sleep. Cleaning it would be just as you never lost your old tooth. Simply brush it like you normally would with the rest of your teeth.

Get your replacement teeth immediately when you start losing teeth due to gum disease. Ask your dentist about dental implants. Have your teeth checked and see if your case does require having implants as the best solution. Save yourself from future dental issues by finding a solution to the root cause of the problem.

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