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Daring-Do Dates When Your Partner Loves the Outdoors

Hot Air Balloon RidingDates are fun and there’s nothing better than spending time with your loved one. If big crowds come along and ruin the mood, however, it’s time to think of alternatives. If your partner loves the outdoors, these suggestions are sure to put a sparkle in their eye.

Horseback Riding

If your partner loves animals or is adventurous, they might enjoy and benefit from lessons on horseback riding. Once the hobby of the noble and privileged, this is now accessible to everybody. Some stables offer everything, from teaching you how to ride to letting you take care of your horse.

Hot Air Balloon Riding

If you and your partner enjoy heights and looking at views with a different perspective, this date is the perfect answer. Usually cheaper than riding a plane and often more romantic, you can even have a picnic in the air to take that unique experience even further. suggests looking for a reputable hot air balloon operator to make sure of your safety.


There are many mountain trails that you can choose from and there’s always a friendly tour guide available. Of course, this all depends on how serious of easy you want the hike to be. The walks can become tiresome midway, but once you’re up top, you and your partner will surely enjoy the view and its benefits. End the hike with a day or two of camping out just to get your energies back.

Nature Photography

While not the most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping hobby compared to the date ideas on this list, you would be surprised how enjoyable it can be. There’s so much to look for, especially if you need to start at your local parks and reservations.

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From outrageous midair picnics to taking that perfect picture of a mountain flower, your dating options have just become a little more expansive. However, these suggestions aren’t meant to make you ignore good old fashioned restaurants or hotels. Instead, they’re small bursts of randomness that help you retain the even sweeter memories.

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