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Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

The American cosmetic industry made over $56.63 billion in revenue last year and all signs point to it earning more this year. The beauty business is booming, but underneath this overwhelming progress is the pain that comes with cosmetic testing in animals.

Beauty is Pain

BeautyThey say beauty is pain, but it’s not only humans that go through little pangs of pain at every threading or bleaching. In fact, this is miniscule compared to all the hurt and ache animals go through before a beauty product hits the shelves, makes its way to your shopping cart, and into your go-to make-up bag.

Animal cosmetic testing involves more than just dabbing the formula on an animal’s skin. It includes eye irritation tests where various chemicals to be used in cosmetics are dripped into the eyes of the animals to determine if the chemicals cause birth defects, general illnesses, or cancer.

After the testing, the animals go on for several weeks or months under unalleviated pain. They are killed by either asphyxiation, breaking of the spinal cord or decapitation. This is heartbreaking, but what’s even more difficult to swallow is the staggering budget allotted on animal testing.

Why Your Lipstick is Expensive

Animal testing is not cheap at all. The National Institutes of Health uses 40% of its budget on animal testing, which rounds to about $16 billion of U.S. taxpayers’ money. The figure is huge and is difficult to comprehend.

PETA came up with various uses in America that could total to $16 billion and produce something more positive compared to killing helpless bunnies, dogs, and cats.For example, $2.2 million could be given to seniors who go to bed hungry, $380,000 could go to hiring more teachers, or $1.6 million to helping homeless veterans.

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This number is staggering and causes consumers to backpedal before purchasing an item. A new study revealed shoppers do in fact prefer cruelty-free cosmetics. Out of 1,000 participants of varying age groups, 57% claimed they only want to buy those labelled “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals”.

Brands such as Lush Cosmetics, The Body Shop and Physicians Formulahave sworn off animal murdering while still providing quality products. Beauty experts and shoppers alike recommend going cruelty-free. Animal testing has gone on for years now; maybe it’s time to put it to a stop.

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