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Critical Issues to Consider Before Using the Haemorrhoid Ligator

medical professional wearing glovesWhen looking for the right devices for use in your medical practice, you want one that will come with a high level of precision while also considering its efficiency and cost. That does not mean that these latter two are not critical enough to consider, only that as a medical practitioner, your patients come first when determining which solutions to use at your medical centre. On that, you will find it very useful to consider choosing the latest technologies in medical devices.

One of these is the haemorrhoid ligator, on which the following will highlight more to ensure you offer the best services to your patients.

The Procedure

Ligation entails tying off the haemorrhoid at its base using rubber bands to cut off blood flow to the area you want to treat. Typically, you will use this procedure for internal haemorrhoid, especially in the anal region.

Life after Treatment

Advise your patient that they could respond differently from how another one did. Some can resume their regular activities almost immediately, while others may need at least a 3-days bed rest. Nonetheless, they should avoid tedious tasks and heavy lifting, which can rapture the treated areas.


Although there are few side effects of using ligation, it is advisable that you explain to your patient what they should expect here. These include slight anal bleeding, urinary retention, and anal pain (if the ligator is very close to the canal), which hardly responds to conventional pain relief procedures.

Back to the latter two factors that you should consider when choosing your medical devices—efficiency and cost—, it is critical that you determine whether the haemorrhoid ligator that you are looking to buy meets industry standards for safe use and high economic value. Now that most of these are single-use medical instruments, it is imperative that you consider that they are also affordable to the general public.

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