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Compact Living: Growing A Herb Garden In Your Limited Space

Growing A Herb GardenPeople who choose to live in hostels or studio flats may have limited space but shouldn’t be restricted by it. If you want to engage in a bit of herb gardening, the limited space can prove to be a challenge but not impossible. While you will be unable to have a full-scale garden, you can start with a mini-herb garden within your compact living space.

Window of Opportunity

You can place the plants in a box which you can hang outside your window or just secure a few pots or a planter’s box on top of the windowsill. The herbs will bring colour and life to your view and they can get their sunshine without effort, Placing it near a kitchen window can make cooking and using them in your dish convenient for you too. However, do move them away from the window if the weather becomes unfavourable, LHA London suggests.

Going Vertical

Landlord permitting, if you have a large space of blank wall outside your London hostel that you can easily get to, then you can use that for an herb garden. You can attach pots on shelves, hanging pots, and even canvas shoe organisers. You can arrange them in symmetrical position so you need to only water the top portion and just let it run downwards to the bottom part of your vertical garden.

Welcome in

If you do not have any space outside your house opt to grow your herbs inside your room instead. Some herbs can still do well as inside plants, as long as they receive the necessary amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients. They are not just useful as natural inside-air cleaners but they are also great interior decorations, especially if you use designed recycled containers instead of just clay pots.

Herbs are a good way to freshen up your small living area and your diet. Limited space doesn’t have to limit your ability to take care of herbs or any other plants. Living small doesn’t mean you are allowed to think small.

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