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Clinical Studies Prove Efficiency of Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic Therapy in Minnesota	Chiropractic therapy has been listed by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) as one of the most widely used therapies in the United States.

This growing popularity may well be justified by claims of countless patients who attest to the effectiveness of this treatment, such as those who tried out Healthsource Chiropractic and other leading institutions. It may be noted that these patients suffer from different medical conditions.

Before dismissing these pronouncements by patients as just mere claims, it should be pointed out that the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy has been validated by different clinical studies carried out by prestigious research groups.

Although these researchers are from different sides of the world, the validity holds true in all parts of the planet. The studies were tested across various ailments and the results were all consistently positive, further validating the position of chiropractic treatment in mainstream medicine.

A Series of Clinical Studies and a Point of Validation

In a study published in the European Spine Journal, it was reported that chiropractic treatment resulted in a 72 percent success rate for patients suffering from the very common sciatica as compared to only 20 percent with the use of other forms of physiotherapy.

Meanwhile, the British Medical Journal did a study, which consisted of 183 patients suffering from neck pain. After the 52-week study, it was found that those who had chiropractic treatment experienced faster recovery when compared to those given physiotherapy and general medical care.

Furthermore, the prestigious medical journal Human Journal of Hypertension published a study led by the renowned hypertension expert George Bakris. It concluded that chiropractic adjustments had an effectiveness rate that is equal to that of two anti-hypertensive medications.

Chiropractic therapy is also applicable to other conditions such as neurological disorders, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, and the prevention of back surgery. It’s also beneficial to athletes in terms of improvement of performance and the prevention of injuries.

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