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Chester: A Perfect Place for a Relaxing Getaway

a group of friends walking in the streetWhen you’re planning a trip with your best friends, you can enjoy a memorable girls-only trip to the beautifully preserved Roman city of Chester.

Once a Roman military fortress whose archaeological and architectural treasures can still be seen to this day, Chester is now a unique destination for all sorts of travellers with different travel goals. Accessible by train from London, Liverpool and Manchester, you can expect to find yourself in Chester in less than an hour. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy a weekend in Chester.

Accommodations and Relaxation

Chester has many options for accommodations that can fit almost any budget. But if you want to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the city in style, you could find luxurious hotels and spas where you could spend the day for a pamper session and a relaxing tea afterwards.

You could also have a facial treatment or get a Botox shot from one of Chester’s best aesthetic clinics like JW Aesthetics. You could also spend the day having a massage and a mani-pedi treatment from one of the many salons and medical spas in the City. Afterwards, you can enjoy a picnic or take in an open-air theatre performance.

Historic Attractions

First-time visitors to Chester should visit the many historical monuments found in the City. Start with the magnificent medieval city walls that date back to the Roman Empire. The complete circuit is a two-mile hike that takes you to the four main gates: Northgate, Eastgate, Bridgegate and Watergate.

Continue to visit the City’s most distinctive features: Chester Rows, a medieval covered walkway built on top of the  Roman ruins. These half-timbered structures contribute too much of the city’s architectural charm, but there are still debates on why these walkways were built.

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If you are looking for some Gothic-style attractions, you can visit the Chester Cathedral and its finely decorated Cathedral Choir.  For architecture and history enthusiasts, the bell tower, the stained glass, and the cathedral choir continue to be a marvel of medieval and Gothic design.

To fully appreciate Chester’s archaeological past, a visit to the Grosvenor Museum and the Roman amphitheatre is the best way to learn about the life and times of ordinary people in Chester.

Chester may be known for its old city charm and history, but it can still be a perfect backdrop for your getaway weekend with your friends for a relaxing and historic weekend.

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