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Daily Top 10

4 Ways to Help You Fit Into Your Clothes

Woman trying a dress

Dressing well is an important thing to do. When you wear clothes that look good and fit well, you will be able to strike a good impression on the people that surround you. This also enables you to carry yourself in a confident manner when you go to school, work or any public places. Additionally, […]

Daily Top 10

Permanently Get Rid of Your Double Chin without Surgery

You get a double chin or sub-mental fullness when there is a buildup of excess fat below the chin. This can be because of your genes or aging and might not necessarily be an indication of weight gain. You can permanently get rid of the double chin at a medi spa here in Jericho using kybella, an FDA […]

Daily Top 10

What to Include in Your Veterinary Sympathy Card Messages

If you have ever lost a dear pet before or been a member of a support group that consoles owners who lost their pets, you will appreciate how comforting it is to receive veterinary sympathy card messages. That is because your message can be powerful enough to reduce the pain a pet owner is suffering from. But what […]

Daily Top 10

Flying Medics Save Lives

After serious illness or accident, getting the patient to the hospital during the ‘golden hour’ is crucial to survival. Air ambulances have helped to boost survival rates, especially when they are equipped with on board doctors. Doctors know that in the event of a serious injury or illness, giving treatment promptly and ensuring that the patient […]

Daily Top 10

What Makes a Dental Practice Successful?

Just like any business, several factors come into play when a dental practice begins operation. It’s not just about having an office space big enough to cater to more patients. There also needs to be quality control set in place, and the dental practitioner should be following hygienic protocols every time. It’s easier said than […]

Daily Top 10

Statistics Shows There are Over 54 Million Single Americans

America’s population of single people reached 54,350,000 as of May 12, 2017, according to online dating statistics. From that number, 49,650,000 tried to find a date online whether through a millionaire matchmaker in Chicago or a personal relationship counselor in New York. Male users outnumbered women, accounting for 52.4% and 47.6% of singles, respectively. Mingling Singles As […]

Daily Top 10

Decoding: On the Genetics of Taste

Some may say that food preferences can act as a fingerprint, as people have their unique culinary taste not present in others. You may like or even love the taste of cream soup base recipes and other similar ingredients, while some would prefer otherwise. This raises the possibility that culinary preferences might be genetic in […]

Daily Top 10

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Elderly Woman with Dental Implants

Missing teeth can have greatly affect your life, as you will know if you already have a few gaps. You may even be considering how to restore your smile. If it looks like you might be losing some or all of your teeth soon, it’s worth starting to look at your options. Two common solutions […]

Daily Top 10

Tips on Maintaining Quality of Your Gravy Mix

Pouring Gravy Sauce on Steak

Contrary to popular notions, you can eat, drink, and be merry without going to a fancy restaurant. You can get an excellent dining experience at home, provided of course with the right ambience and a delicious home-cooked meal. You can work on the look and feel of your dining area by lighting candles and flowers […]

Daily Top 10

6 Low Maintenance and Chic Haircuts

Low maintenance haircuts don’t have to be boring and simple. They could be equally chic yet easy to maintain at the same time. Here are six low-maintenance haircuts that are anything but boring or simple: The Messy Bob with an Off Center Part – This haircut is easy to style, but could look edgy when styled […]