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Catching the Eye of a Stranger

Woman pointing at teeth with dental bracesIn an image-conscious society filled with social media and instant photography, many of us are paying more attention to how we look. While focusing only on our appearance may not be healthy, looking good is feeling great and also affects the way others view us. Our smile is our welcome to the world, so what happens when our number one verbal communication tool is compromised?

Non-verbal communication can make up to 93% of overall communication, with smiles being one of the first impressions on people, so it’s important to feel confident when smiling.

If our smile is wonky, crowded or spaced, subconsciously a hand covers the mouth, a look down breaks eye contact or just a lack of confidence alters that initial impression. This is tripled on the embarrassment factor in teenage years or in specific high stress situations such as interviews or first days at a new job. So, what can be done?

In Sydney CBD, braces are one way to rein in that misalignment, fix crooked teeth or fill the gaps between teeth. Dentists in the city such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD offer a range of braces that are clear and discreet to treat the teeth of teens and adults.

Braces in Sydney CBD: Clear and Invisible Styles

Metal brackets and wires of old style  braces are no longer the only option.  A range of clear and invisible options that can change the way patients experience braces. Clear braces can now adhere to the back of teeth rendering them invisible.

Invisalign braces are also an option, replacing retainers. Invisalign are made up of pairs of clear, thermoplastic aligner trays that are completely clear. No brackets or wires required as the braces fit neatly over the teeth, and when in place, are nearly invisible. They are custom-made so they will sit comfortably over the teeth. They slowly guide a realignment of wonky or crooked teeth. The full realignment is usually reached within 12-18 months, after which the teeth will be in the desired position.

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In Sydney CBD, braces, both clear and invisible, are helping patients of all ages smile all day long.

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