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Can You Lose Weight without Ditching Your Favourite Food?

Girl from Singapore Trying to Lose WeightYour best friend is getting married and naturally, you are one of the bridesmaids. While the thought of your friend finally walking down the aisle is exciting, the image of you having a difficult time fitting in your gown is traumatising. Leave this image into your imagination and try on some ways to lose (and maintain) your weight without starving yourself:

Add healthy food

Add more fruits and veggies in your meal. An extra bowl of fruits for your morning breakfast can help you get motivated to lose weight. By including more of the healthy stuff, your body would be able to benefit more from it. All these can be done without drastically changing your diet.

Skip boring workouts

You do know you need to sweat to lose weight. Find other activities in lieu of workouts. Playing badminton with friends, hiking, or enrolling in a yoga or Zumba class can let you have fun while burning calories at the same time.

Be well hydrated

Drinking a glass of water before meals can help you feel full and would help you eat lesser. Being well hydrated the whole day would help your body last longer when working out or doing physical activities.

Have enough sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of weight gain. Getting a good night’s sleep would not only make you feel efficient but healthier (and eventually, slimmer) as well.

Do not lose hope!

Still no significant changes after trying all these? Do not lose hope. Slimming centres in Singapore would surely be able to help you in your weight loss journey.

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Whenever you feel weak and would reach out for that bag of chips, close your eyes and picture your gown. It would certainly be a good motivator for you to munch on carrot sticks instead.

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