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Buying or Renting Snowboards: Choosing the Right Fit for You

SnowboardWhether you’re looking to purchase your own snowboard or are considering snowboard rental on your next trip to Vail Village, it is important to know how to choose the right snowboard perfect for you. The following factors all play a vital role when buying or renting on a snowboard:

Snowboard Length

The main determinants when deciding on the snowboard length include your weight and kind of riding you’re planning to do. Typically, you just stand alongside the board and if its top portion goes to your chin, then it’s a good fit for you. If you’re planning to Freeride, go with a relatively longer snowboard, while if freestyle is more your thing, then a shorter one will be best.

Snowboard Width

If the width of snowboard is correct, your boots will be slightly hanging out the board’s edges, but won’t come in contact with the snow. Extend your heels and toes a bit over the board’s edges to put some leverage on the snowboard and adjust the pressure using your ankles. If your boots are hanging out farther over the board’s edges, you’ll risk falling when making hard turns since your boots will come in contact with the snow.

Your Snowboarding Ability Level

Many snowboards today are designed to fit the needs of boarders of different ability levels. When renting or purchasing a snowboard, you must be true to yourself when evaluating your ability level. The materials, overall design, flex, length, shape, and construction will all differ when creating snowboards fit for the different ability levels.

Snowboarding Styles and Terrain

Although you can use a snowboard on all terrain types and in all conditions, you can also consider choosing boards specially developed for particular applications, conditions, ands terrains. To illustrate, it’s better for riders to use a powder snowboard in powder snow and a park snowboard in a park.

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Whichever snowboard you decide to go with, just remember to have fun, always stay safe, and never stray too far without telling anyone of your whereabouts, especially if you’re riding alone.

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