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Bite Problems in People With Straight Front Teeth

Kid with Misaligned TeethMost people with straight front teeth think they don’t need orthodontic evaluation. However, a visit to an orthodontist in Fredericksburg such as those from Southpoint Quality Dental can benefit many people with teeth that appear straight.

Having a Healthy Bite
A healthy bite is about all the teeth, not just the upper front teeth people notice when you speak or smile. Even if your front choppers are straight, you may still have one of the following bite problems:

An Underbite

An underbite is a malocclusion that happens when a person’s lower jaw protrudes forward. Consequently, the lower teeth extend beyond and overlap the upper choppers. Problems associated with this bad bite include an unnatural appearance, eating difficulties, jaw pain, sleep issues, and halitosis.

Luckily, braces, appliances, and surgery can help fix this common problem.

Open Bite

If you have an opening in your bite, your upper and lower front choppers don’t come together when you close your mouth. Or when your front teeth meet, your back choppers don’t touch. An open can affect your smile and your ability to speak.

Treatment options for this malocclusion include jaw surgery and orthodontic devices.


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth don’t appropriately come down in front of the lower ones when biting together. The bottom teeth are outside of their top counterparts. This misaligned bite can lead to appearance and dental health problems. Orthodontists use various appliances to fix a crossbite.

Deep Bite

Normally, upper teeth should sit a little outside the lower choppers. When a person has a deep bite, their top teeth fully cover their bottom teeth. Like every other type of malocclusion, a deep bite can negatively affect your oral health and appearance. Orthodontic appliances can help fix this bad bite.

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Most patients think orthodontics is just about straightening teeth. Be concerned about the appearance of your teeth. But be equally concerned with how your bite fits together. Visit an orthodontist in Fredericksburg for an evaluation.

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