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Becoming an All-Around, Effective Homemaker

motherAs homemakers, you need to make sure that you can do your job both as a mother and wife. You should prepare meals, tidy up the house, plan for the family and make sure your family sticks to the budget.

There are three things to do as a homemaker. A summary follows below:

Being a Mother

Waking up first thing in the morning is no longer new to stay at home mothers, but cooking is not the only thing mothers need to attend to.

Planning involves knowing what the children have to wear, planning after school activities and setting up appointments with doctors, dentists and other important matters and activities related to the family’s health.

Thankfully, many apps and gadgets can help busy moms handle their busy days. Look for phone apps that can remind you of teacher meetings, dentist appointments or soccer practice.  Managing your time and day does not have to be old-school.

Being a Wife

Many mothers instantly forget their role as a wife the moment kids come into play. Remember that a healthy relationship with your husband will not only be good for you, it will also give a good example.

Schedule dates with your husband and hire a baby sitter if you need to.  Do not feel guilty for having alone time with your husband.

Maintaining the House

A part of homemakers’ responsibilities include stretching the budget and making sure that expenses do not go beyond the budget.

Update your home’s system and appliances, and make sure that all is working as intended. Trim extraneous costs and find ways to save money from utilities. For example, instead of a window-type AC unit, buy split air conditioning systems. These are more cost-efficient – you’re paying for the same cooling capability but with reduced energy consumption.

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To that end, check wattage of appliances such as the microwave, dishwashers, refrigerators, and so on before buying. These appliances use a lot of electricity so you need to limit their usage.

Buy in bulk when grocery shopping, they will cost less than when buying retail. If you have the time, you can also use coupons to get more discounts.

Managing the house and being there for your husband and kids is tiring, but when you see the smiles on their faces and receive warm hugs from them, you know that everything you do is worth doing again the next day.

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