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    Is There Such a Thing as Over-washed Hair?

    You can whip your hair back and forth all you want as long as it stays shiny and healthy. Isn’t that what regularly shampooing and conditioning is for? The country is divided on that answer. The results of a February 2018 survey by Lookfantastic US revealed that California tops the list of states with the […]

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    Why is Your Honey Spoiling?

    Tips on how to store your honey

    Honey can last for thousands of years. In fact, you can already say it does not spoil. Archaeologists once found honey pots that dated back to 3,000 years ago – and they were still safe for consumption. But certain factors can change its composition, smell, and taste and even lead to spoilage. Why Honey Goes Bad There […]

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    4 Ways to Counter Wrinkles

    Woman looking at her own reflection

    Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable signs that a person is getting older. Wrinkles make a person more mature and this could also be a sign of stress which could look unattractive for some people. The good thing is it could be prevented if you do enough preparation for it. These are four things […]

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    Memory Decline in the Elderly: Is it a Cause for Concern?

    Granddaughter and grandmother looking at photo album

    While there are still a lot of people who can maintain energy, mental acuity, and independence despite old age, there are also those who experience increased frailty and chronic illness. If the latter is true for an elderly loved one, it is only normal to worry about their health and start to wonder if they […]

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    No Gender Gap Here: 3 “Women’s Diseases” That Could Affect Men Too

    Differences in biological make-up make women more vulnerable to certain diseases than men. But that doesn’t mean such problems exclusively affect ladies. In fact, the danger of tagging these conditions as “women’s diseases” it also puts men vulnerable to such, precisely because they think they can’t have it. Here are some “women’s diseases” that could […]

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    Chiropractic Care: A Treatment Option for Autoimmune Diseases

    Chiropractic adjustments can be used as an effective treatment against many autoimmune diseases. It can strengthen the functioning of the nervous system and the ability of the body to heal itself. It provides pain relief too. About 20% of the US population or one in five Americans has an autoimmune disease. In addition, almost half […]

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    Smile Confidently with Invisible Braces in Barnsley

    Patient with dentist

    Invisalign is an innovative way to achieve a beautiful smile without the need to wear brackets and wires to straighten wonky teeth. The treatment, commonly referred to as invisible braces, consists of clear aligners, which are virtually invisible, allowing patients to straighten their teeth without disrupting their lifestyle. Invisible braces in Barnsley have grown in […]

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    Not Cool: Chewing Ice is Bad for Your Teeth

    Chewing ice is a mindless habit for most people. It’s somewhat a reflex to scoop those frozen cubes after being refreshed with a glass of iced tea or juice. While chewing ice may look like a cool habit, the cold, hard truth is, it is bad for your teeth. Here are a few consequences of […]

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    How Often Do Australians See the Dentist for Free in the Past Year?

    Despite excessive prices charged by some general practitioners, the bulk-billing rate in Australia has reached a record figure in 2016-2017 based on a Medicare report. If you live in Queensland, the prices charged by a dental professional in Brisbane could be less affordable than a dentist in Townsville. Bulk billing, as Casey Dentists explains, provides patients with […]

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    Fact or Fiction: Candies Cause Cavities

    Dentists looking at x-ray of teeth

    It’s an age-old belief that’s been passed on from parent to parent: eating sweets will rot your teeth. Moms and dads then kept jars of chocolates away from children’s reach. But, is this traditional belief really true? What’s in chocolates and candies that make them cavity-causing sweets anyway? The Surprising Truth To answer the questions […]