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    Cleaning Wounds: Should You Use Strong Antiseptics?

    Open wound on the leg

    When it comes to cleaning open wounds, many believe that antiseptics and disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol are effective to remove dirt and bacteria. This belief and approach to wound cleaning, however, is nothing but a misconception. Hydrogen peroxide is unnecessary, and should only be used if recommended by a doctor. What’s With […]

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    An Overview of Hospice Care

    When the doctor says that someone you care has a few days, weeks, or months to live, the pain can be hard to bear. It is human nature to want to fix things. Unfortunately, a terminal illness is not something that you can wish away. At this point, improving the patient’s quality of life should […]

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    Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist in Southampton

    Patient with dentist

    A smile makeover is different for each individual and can include a few or many cosmetic dentistry procedures. An experienced and well-trained cosmetic dentist can help patients get the best treatment and achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results possible. However, patients who are looking for the right cosmetic dentist should do a little homework before […]

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    3 Lifestyle Changes That Have a Big Impact

    Having a good lifestyle is something that many people aspire. Unfortunately, achieving it is not always easy. There will be challenges that will make you feel like giving up. However, getting over these challenges has a reward. A lifestyle change is something that you must do if you want to go for the better—better you, […]

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    4 Tips on Maintaining Bright Teeth After a Whitening Procedure

    a dentist with a patient smiling

    A bright smile exudes confidence. At times, though, exposure to different elements such as tobacco, caffeine, and staining foods leads to tooth discoloration. To retain your teeth’s good appearance, you will need professional whitening. After the procedure is done, you will still be prone to staining and failing to adhere to aftercare procedures may worsen the problem. A prominent […]

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    How to Talk to Your Elderly Loved Ones

    Caregiver reading with her senior patient

    Aging can take a toll on your senior and elderly loved ones. It definitely is not easy, as they will feel it physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can also affect family members, as taking care of and even talking to a senior loved one can be tough. Here, we will discuss some tips on how […]

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    4 Ways to Help You Fit Into Your Clothes

    Woman trying a dress

    Dressing well is an important thing to do. When you wear clothes that look good and fit well, you will be able to strike a good impression on the people that surround you. This also enables you to carry yourself in a confident manner when you go to school, work or any public places. Additionally, […]

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    Abscessed Tooth: How Can Root Canal Treatment Help?

    High sugar intake, together with poor dental hygiene, can lead to an abscessed tooth. Also known as a dental abscess, this refers to a pocket of pus that can occur in various parts of a tooth due to a bacterial infection. The condition can be painful as it radiates to your jaw, ear, or neck. […]

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    The Less-talked-about Benefits of Clear Aligners

    Woman about to wear an invisible aligner

    Invisibility is the number one selling point of clear dental aligners. After all, not everybody wants to attract attention while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Conscious individuals find conventional braces a great source of anxiety. Apart from being low-profile appliances, sets of clear aligners offer more benefits. Here are the perks that you can enjoy by wearing […]

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    Why Men Should Visit A Urologist Fast

    Reasons Men Should Visit a Urologist

    Some men feel like a trip to the urologist is a hassle. They only go to clinics like The Urology Place when they feel like something is wrong with their reproductive health. Sometimes, it’s already too late. Here are a few symptoms that indicate you should see a urologist. Traces of blood in the urine When you […]