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    The Truth Behind the Most Common Botox Myths

    Imagine that you’ve noticed your blemishes for a while, and you wish that you could ignore them. Wrinkles have started to show up on your face, and they’ve been growing in number. While you’ve considered Botox treatment, you are put off by what you hear about it. However, these “truths” may be just myths that […]

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    5 Reproductive Health Concerns That Suggest Thyroid Issues

    Secreting too much or too little thyroid hormone affects the body in many ways. For instance, these thyroid issues could lead to the following reproductive health concerns: 1. Trouble Getting Pregnant Difficulty conceiving suggests an undiagnosed thyroid problem. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism could affect ovulation and impair fertility. A thyroid test at a wellness center in […]

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    How Many Kiwis Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer By 2035?

    Nurse with a cancer patient

    Screenings for cervical cancer and other types of preventive measures will be more necessary in New Zealand, as cancer becomes the leading cause of death in the country. By 2035, the Cancer Society expects an increase of 50 per cent in the number of cancer patients. Hospital and clinics will need more accessories from a […]

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    Pain Control Methods Used In Hospice Care

    Hospice care is the best care option for a patient facing a life-limiting illness. There are however various myths and misconceptions surrounding hospice care. One of the prevalent misconceptions is that caregivers in hospice centers overmedicate patients with pain medications or leave them in excruciating pain. Nothing could be farther from this reality, more so […]

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    Four Ways to Support Veterans

    No matter what your political positions are, there is no denying that veterans have contributed a lot to America. These people have faced many dangers, so it is essential for everyone to support them. Unfortunately, their experience in war-torn areas can leave them with physical and mental scars. Here are four ways to support veterans: […]

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    Chester: A Perfect Place for a Relaxing Getaway

    When you’re planning a trip with your best friends, you can enjoy a memorable girls-only trip to the beautifully preserved Roman city of Chester. Once a Roman military fortress whose archaeological and architectural treasures can still be seen to this day, Chester is now a unique destination for all sorts of travellers with different travel […]

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    What Does Fitness Really Mean?

    Fitness means different things to different people so defining it is a real challenge. So let’s start it with the dictionary definition of fit and fitness. Fit is defined as “sound mentally and physically”, and fitness is defined as “the state or quality of being fit”. If you think that these definitions are still vague, […]

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    Interesting Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

    Real teeth with model teeth

    Modern cosmetic dentistry is constantly inventing new ways to improve peoples’ smiles. However, not many people realise what their cosmetic dentist can do to improve their smile and oral health. Nowadays, many dental practices provide cosmetic dentistry in Belfast, including Blue Sky Dentistry. They employ various cosmetic dentistry procedures to help improve the health and […]

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    Straight Facts about Tooth Straightening

    Woman Talking to Dentist

    The first question to answer is, what is involved in orthodontics? Harley Street orthodontists move teeth by manipulating the jawbone and teeth with a variety of different methods, usually with braces. In some severe cases it is likely that patients will need other treatments too, this can include oral surgery and jawbone reshaping. Usually though, […]

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    7 Things That Can Discolor Your Child’s Baby Teeth

    Baby teeth are more calcified and therefore usually whiter than adult teeth. However, the following things can discolor your child’s primary teeth: 1. Poor Dental Hygiene Dental plaque can cause tooth discoloration. Plaque form on teeth that are not brushed and flossed regularly and properly. Talk to a kids’ dentist in Cottonwood Heights about caring […]