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Anything Sweet can Damage Your Teeth

TeethWhat tastes right for the tongue may be bad for the teeth. The sense of taste is never a good indicator for the healthier choices in life. Most of the time, what your taste perceives as great tasting, brings more harm to your body. The list could go from fatty and oily meats to sugary treats. These are slow killers that make you fat. Sweets do damage to your teeth as well. Here are some definite tooth killers you should avoid.


From hard jaw breakers to the tough and chewy caramels, these treats are rich in sugar that causes tooth decay. The longer these things stay in your mouth, the more acid your mouth produces. This speeds up the demineralisation process causing the layers of your tooth to wear out. Apart from the long-term effects, they can cause cracks and chipping from accidental bites.

Soft drinks

Fizzy drink is loaded with sugar that aids the damage of your teeth. Swishing them in your mouth instead of gulping them down right away exposes the teeth longer to its effects. It is important that they do not make contact with the enamel. A good way to still enjoy these drinks is to use a straw. Apart from soda, citrus drinks may have the same effect. They increase the acidity in the mouth.

Sports beverages

You might think you are safe with sports drinks, but your teeth are not. They may restore electrolytes but they still have sugar to keep your energy up.

Sweets are not all that bad. Just take them in moderation and you would be fine. When you have suffered from tooth loss, there are now easy remedies for it. You can always get a dental implant. Botanics Dental Care says cosmetic dentistry can restore your smile to its former glory.

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But, prevention is always better than a replacement tooth so make sure to cut your sugar intake and drink lots of water every time you eat something sweet.

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