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Amazing Comebacks of Athletes After an Injury

Football player laying on ground because of an injuryWhat sports does best is develop fighting spirit, the grit to move forward, and the will to try harder even when the body is hurt or tired. There have been many athletes whose lives have changed because of an injury. Some of them proved speculations wrong by coming back even stronger than before.

Michael J. Carlson, MD agrees that coming back after a serious sports injury is possible. Read on to learn about some famous athletes who have recovered successfully from an injury.

Tiger Woods

In 2008, arthroscopic knee surgery was performed on legendary golf pro, Tiger Woods, which was followed by a reconstructive surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). If that wasn’t bad enough, the athlete suffered a double stress fracture in his left tibia, an injury he got while preparing for the US Open.

The world has seen Woods many times power through the course, sometimes dropping to his knees in extreme pain. But for athletes of this caliber, giving up may be even more excruciating. After recovering from his knee surgery, Woods won the US Open.

Adrian Peterson

On December 2011, this NFL running back suffered a torn ACL in a game against the Washington Redskins. It was an injury that many believed would end Peterson’s career. Only a year after his surgery and rehab, he was lined up for the Minnesota Vikings and performed superbly that season.

In an interview, Peterson explained that he accepted the injury, taking it for what it was and made a supreme effort to recover. By staying positive and knowing his body, he was able to get back in the game to shock all the naysayers.

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You or perhaps your children may have a promising future in sports. Such an amazing prospect comes with great risks. It is estimated that $500 million dollars is spent each year for ACL injuries alone. Thankfully, technology has stepped up in providing solutions to the medical problems of athletes. Learn more about procedures such as reconstructive surgery or arthroscopy and see how they can help you get back in the game if you fall.

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