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Amazing Benefits of Sourdough Pasta

baked macaroniThanks to its availability and affordability, pasta is a staple meal in every American Home. In fact, according to North Dakota State University, the average American typically consumes at least 20 pounds of pasta on a yearly basis.

But, what if we turn it into something healthier by turning sourdough into pasta just like what bakers from Pasta Fermentata have? Here are a few benefits of using fermented pasta and what it can do to your health.


If you are trying to watch your caloric intake and cholesterol level, eating pasta might be a great option for you. Pasta is cholesterol-free and low in sodium. It also contains B-vitamins and iron as well.

Short cooking time

With fermented pasta, you do not have to wait 15 minutes to cook it. All it takes is at least 5–6 minutes of cook time for it to become al dente.

Source of carbohydrates and fiber

Pasta is also a great source of carbohydrates — a great energy source for the body. It also contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber as well. Fiber is known to help fight chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Improves digestion

Because this kind of pasta is made using natural sourdough culture, it has probiotics, which help improve our digestion. Consuming probiotics boosts gut health and eases food digestion.

These are just a few of the health benefits that sourdough pasta can offer. Choose a brand that has been around for several years to ensure that you will be able to know what it truly tastes like. Also, choose a brand that offers a wide variety of pasta so you would have more to choose from.

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