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7 Reasons Your Kid Must Learn How to Swim

Swimming Lessons in AuroraDid you know that in the U.S., drowning is among the top causes of accidental deaths based on a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? To help avoid this frightening reality, the CDC recommends that you teach your kids swimming and water safety.

If this isn’t sufficient to persuade you about the importance of swimming lessons, here are 7 more reasons why your kids must learn how to swim:

  1. Swimming teaches kids about respect for water. It’s crucial that your child fully understands the dangers water can present so that they will also understand and practice water safety.
  2. Swimming is an excellent physical activity and is a great way to have your little one moving about. It helps in developing flexibility, strength, and coordination, as it’s a whole body exercise that helps build lean, long muscles.
  3. Swimming is perfect for meeting new friends, especially over the summer when school’s out. Swimming instructors in select fitness centers in Aurora IL facilities makes lessons fun for everyone with group games and singing.
  4. Swimming lessons help provide some structure. Most children like routines and routine water time will give then some semblance of structure over the summer when school’s out.
  5. Swimming aids in brain development. This is especially true for younger kids or babies, as the tactile and relaxing experience of the water’s texture and temperature will stimulate your baby’s brain. Water immersion extends this experience, as your child will feel the water all over their body.
  6. Swimming helps foster discipline and confidence. As with all sporting activities, excelling at swimming will be good for your child’s self-esteem, and excelling at something will only happen if your kid is disciplined enough to practice their swimming skills.
  7. Swimming promotes healthy competition that is useful for kids when they grow up.

So when should your kid start swimming lessons? While some say that kids under four years old shouldn’t start formal lessons yet as they won’t be able to hold their breath voluntarily for a long time, there are swimming lessons for babies aged six months and older that are more focused on getting babies used to moving in water and water safety.

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