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6 Low Maintenance and Chic Haircuts

Stylish Haircut in UtahLow maintenance haircuts don’t have to be boring and simple. They could be equally chic yet easy to maintain at the same time. Here are six low-maintenance haircuts that are anything but boring or simple:

  1. The Messy Bob with an Off Center Part – This haircut is easy to style, but could look edgy when styled right. The key to this look is a side part and half-done beachy waves.
  2. The Short Bob with Fringe on the Side – If you’re looking for a haircut that doesn’t require any styling at all, the classic bob with bangs on the side is a good choice for you. With a slightly rounded frame, short length, and layered bangs pushed to the side, your hair will look flattering from any angle.
  3. The Asymmetric Bob – Medium length on one side and short on the other, this easy haircut is the ultra-sleek, chic hairdo. You could air-dry your locks for a casual, carefree look. You can also blow dry (or flat iron) your mane if you want some curvy, sexy lines.
  4. Choppy Mid-Length with Bangs – In general, more women prefer medium length hair because you could simply pull it back in a ponytail or let it hang loose if you’re pressed for time, says an instructor from a beauty school in Utah. This easy cut features subtle layers, side bangs, and understated waves.
  5. Mid-Length Shaggy Hair – No time for extra styling, you could always go for a medium length, choppy haircut with tousled, loose waves and an arched, long fringe.
  6. Long Hair with Sassy Layers – This easy haircut absolutely proves that even the most low-maintenance haircuts could still look sexy and stylish. The layers will give you flowy, long waves that you could easily part in the middle to frame and highlight your face.
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The most important thing to remember when deciding which easy haircut to choose is that it must be as fuss-free as could be, perfect for your particular hair profile, and look great when you style it on your own.

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