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5 Reproductive Health Concerns That Suggest Thyroid Issues

a woman having her thyroid checkedSecreting too much or too little thyroid hormone affects the body in many ways. For instance, these thyroid issues could lead to the following reproductive health concerns:

1. Trouble Getting Pregnant

Difficulty conceiving suggests an undiagnosed thyroid problem. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism could affect ovulation and impair fertility. A thyroid test at a wellness center in Boise can help ascertain if a thyroid disorder is contributing to infertility.

2. Menstrual Problems

The thyroid helps control the menstrual cycle. Thyroid disease can make menstrual periods too heavy, too light or irregular. Thyroid problems can also lead to amenorrhea. Women with this condition sometimes miss their periods for several months in a row.

3. Low Libido

Both men and women with a thyroid disorder could experience low sex drive. An under active thyroid can lead to low libido. The cumulative impact of low energy, fatigue, body aches and other symptoms can also contribute to the problem.

4. Early or False Menopause

One in four women who have discussed menopause with a doctor could have a thyroid issue. Thyroid disease could cause early menopause. Menopause before you’re 40 or in your early 40s is linked to a higher chance of undiagnosed thyroid disease.

Also, hyperthyroidism has many menopausal-like symptoms. Women with an overactive thyroid and women experiencing menopause might have mood swings and sleep problems. Other shared symptoms include hot flashes and lack of menses.

5. Problems During Pregnancy

Thyroid disease during pregnancy could cause health concerns for both the mother and the fetus. Untreated overactive thyroid when a woman is pregnant could also lead to congenital disabilities. Hypothyroidism might also mean development challenges after the child is born.

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The functions of your thyroid gland influence your reproductive system. Problems with the gland cause an imbalance in hormone levels, which then have adverse effects on reproduction.

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