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4 Surprising Ways You’re Making Your Teeth Crooked

Crooked teethA lovely smile is certainly the best accessory you can wear on your face. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a smile, owing to such undesirable features as misaligned teeth. Of course, a quick solution to this would be to see an Invisalign expert in Woodstock to get your teeth straightened. But could it be that you might have avoided the problem in the first place? Here are little habits that make teeth crooked.

Sleeping on your stomach

Teeth repositioning is often caused by regular inward pressure. If you sleep on your stomach, you’re placing a significant amount of weight on your face, which leads to inward pressure on your teeth. With time, your teeth become misaligned. Try to sleep on your back or side instead.

Leaning on your hand too much

Sitting at a desk throughout the day often leads to poor posture, with many people slumping forward and resting their heads on their hands. The result is that you put significant pressure on the side of the jaw, causing your teeth to move. A good way to avoid this is by aligning your body properly whenever seated.

Sucking your thumb or other items

Thumb sucking is not very common among adults, but many people tend to suck other items such as pens and straws. This habit pushes the teeth outward, with the pressure leading to teeth misalignment.

Neglecting gaps for missing teeth

Tooth loss can happen as a result of all manner of reasons. It could be that your tooth was extracted due to cavities or were knocked off in an accident. Whichever the case, it’s essential that you fill the gap to keep your teeth from becoming crooked due to the uneven force distribution caused by the gap.

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Crooked teeth can immediately take the beauty out of your smile and make you feel self-conscious. Avoiding habits that misalign your teeth can help keep them looking visually appealing.

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