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4 Creative Uses for Tea Leaves

lavender and chamomile tea The market for tea, especially herbal tea, continues to grow at a relentless pace. The aging population segment in the Asian region are no strangers to herbal tea, as it is a part of their culinary, spiritual, and cultural heritage.

However, the same population segment of the North American and European regions are gradually needing organic herbal teas as a result of enlightenment about the anti-aging qualities and health benefits

This demand reflects the size of the global tea market, which was estimated at $15.4 billion in 2013. As a subset of this market, herbal teas production is growing at more than 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). While suppliers of organic herbal tea are increasing in response to demand, the effect of quality dilution also needs to be considered.

This simply means that suppliers must be carefully chosen based on consistency in quality of products over time. Tea consumers often wonder whether the tea is meant solely for consumption. Research, however, indicates that you can use tea for other purposes. Here are four of them:


The highly absorbent qualities of tea leaves make it ideal for deodorizing areas, such as refrigerators, litters, and carpets. The leaves quickly absorb the odors and sometimes, even leave its own scent behind.

Tea Pillow

Of course, filling a regular pillow with tea leaves takes a while, but is well worth the time and effort. The people of the Far East believe that it enhances sleep, relieves insomnia, and reduces blood pressure.


Tea lovers can transfer the flavor of their favorite teas to their food by incorporating the tea leaves into various dishes, such as meat broth. Desserts such as ice cream are not left out, as tea can be steeped in cream to add flavor.

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Roasting herbal tea leaves in an old skillet on low heat produces a pleasant aroma that fills the room with a delightful herbal presence and even dissipates offensive odors.

Organic herbal teas are taking the market by storm with a growing base of users cutting across age segments and geographical barriers. Changing consumer demand and preferences continue to shape the market to the advantage of organic herbal tea aficionados.

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