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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder TreatmentEarly detection of an eating disorder can save lives. That’s why most eating disorder treatment centers advise families to be aware of the most common symptoms. Although it normally develops during the teenage and even the young adult years, females are most often susceptible to almost all types of eating disorders. Here are a few factors that may trigger an eating disorder:

Recent events may cause an eating disorder

Many people may not know it, but they may already have a predisposition to binge eating or anorexia until something impactful happens to them. According to Reader’s Digest, eating disorders often develop because of certain changes in any of their life stages, such as puberty, losing a loved one, or even a mid-life crisis.

Having any of their close relative diagnosed with an eating disorder

Based on an article posted on The National Eating Disorders, studies show that people who have a first-degree relative diagnosed with an eating disorder have a greater chance of developing an eating disorder as well. Similarly, family members who are diagnosed with mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, have greater chances of developing an eating disorder.

Being too conscious about your body image

Another factor that may cause a person to develop an eating disorder is how they see their body image. If you start to become rigid when it comes to your food choices and start scrutinizing all the nutritional labels you can find, then you might have some issues with how you see your body.

Anyone can develop an eating disorder. That’s why it’s essential to work with a treatment center that’s committed to helping individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder to make healthier choices and let them experience what it feels like to win against an eating disorder.

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