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3 Reasons Not to Attempt Remediation on Your Own

Woman consulting a lawyerIt’s unfortunate that your office space has been flooded after a heavy downpour. But because you have your employees eager to get back to work as soon as possible, they would be willing to help out with the remediation, right? That may be the case, but this doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to handle this decontamination on your own.

Remediation should only be done by professionals, and here’s why:

Items Touched by Flood Water Need to Be Thrown Away

All your carpets, rugs, upholstered chair — everything porous, especially — will have to go. Remediation companies in Utah warn against the potential dangers of keeping them. You may think you can save them if you just dry them thoroughly, but what you’re forgetting is that they have been exposed to flood water.

That’s not the same as them being soaked in tap water or even rain water. Flood water contains all sorts of bacteria and waste, which can harm you as easily as the dangerous molds that may start to grow on unseen surfaces.

Dehumidification Is Not Optional

It’s not enough to air-dry the office. You will need to use a dehumidifier to make sure that all excess moisture is drawn out. And no, those small dehumidifiers are not enough. They may work to some extent, but if they do not remove all excess moisture, the possibility of mold growth is still high.

The Area Needs to be Sanitized

After everything has been dehumidified, the entire place needs to be sanitized. Remediation companies use commercial-grade products and professional cleaners for this task. Others who are DIY-ing remediation may use detergent or bleach. After sanitizing the office, it needs to be dried again–imagine having to do that on your own. It takes too much time and a lot of effort.

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Any home or office space should not try to DIY remediation because of the risks of not doing it properly. If you really want to get everything back to normal, you need to let the professionals take over.

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