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3 Botox Mistakes and the Ways You Can Fix Them

Beauty woman giving botox injectionsAs the wedding, graduation, and seasonal celebrations are fast approaching, it’s no wonder many people want to look good — with the use of Botox. No matter how effective it is in making a person look and feel good, it’s best to still be aware of its potential side effects. This is why it’s important to seek the services of a reliable and reputable practitioner, as well.

Botox clinics in Salt Lake City noted some of the common problems associated with this procedure:

The frozen face

This mostly affects the forehead, but can also affect the entire face. As a result, patients get an expressionless face and their movements seem more robotic. It occurs as a result of too much Botox being injected into the face.

Unfortunately, there are no known quick-fix measures for this mishap and patients have to wait for the Botox to wear off. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to take less treatment than needed.

Unbalanced eyebrow

This is when either one or both eyebrows are abnormally elevated, giving patients a chronic surprised look. In addition, some out of place wrinkles may show on top of either or both eyebrows. Normally, this can be prevented by getting the right professional to inject the Botox. If it happens anyway, a doctor can help relax the muscles that are causing the eyebrow pulling.

Droopy eyelids and heavy forehead

This is one of the most common errors, as it occurs when the Botox is overdone on the forehead. The forehead will relax too much, leading to the feeling of heaviness in the eyelids and forehead. It can make it feel difficult to open the eyes and keep them open, as well.

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The primary solution to the above-mentioned problems is undergoing the injections from a professional doctor. Before proceeding to the treatment, always ask for a remedy in case any of these occur to you.

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